Micro-nano Metallization Process Technology Symposium

Technology Symposium and R&D Announcement of The Alliance of Micro- and Nano-Metallization Technology

Date:October 27 (Fri.) 09:30-16:00
Venue:Room 401,Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center
Sing Up:http://signup.tpca.org.tw
Window:Ms. Pei-Ying Yang E-mail:evayang@dragon.nchu.edu.tw
Ms. Yu-Chia Cheng E-mail:bennise102@dragon.nchu.edu.tw

Presentation by English

Time Topic Speaker
09:30~09:40 開場及致詞
Welcoming Remarks
國立中興大學化工系(NCHU), 竇維平 特聘教授
Dr. Wei-Ping Dow, Distinguished Professor
09:40~10:30 Advancements in Patterning, Materials and Metallization for Microelectronic Packaging Scaling Intel Corporation, USA
Dr. Islam Salama
Senior Director
10:35~11:15 Introduction of Next Generation Specialty Plating Technology 株式会社 JCU
Mr. Yasuo Hashimoto 研究員 Researcher
11:20~11:40 以石墨烯作為導電層應用於PCB金屬化
Using Reduced Graphene Oxide (rGO) as a Conducting Layer for PCB Metallization
Alliance Lecturer
11:45~12:05 聚亞醯胺(PI)金屬化研究
Polyimide Metallization
Alliance Lecturer
13:30~14:10 Silver-Palladium – Cyanide-free Process and Precious Metal Saving Option for Printed Circuit Board Applications Umicore Electroplating, Germany
14:15~14:55 Nano Silver Catalyzed Metallization Technology The DOW Chemical Company
USA陶氏電子互連技術事業部 余國偉 全球研發總監
Mr. Dennis Yee R&D Director
15:20~16:00 1. 以石墨烯當作電鍍鈷超級填充穿矽導孔之導電層 Cobalt-Superfilling TSV using reduced Graphene Oxide as Conducting Layer
2. 利用電鍍超大銅晶粒銅柱行無Kirkendall空洞之銅/錫焊接 / Kirkendall void-free Cu/Sn joint using Electroplated Cu Pillar with Ultral-Large Grain size
國立中興大學化工系(NCHU), 竇維平 特聘教授
Dr. Wei-Ping Dow, Distinguished Professor