Room A (I 1409)

Date Time Company Name Topic Description
10/25 11:00-11:40 Atotech Taiwan Ltd. New VCP additive generation for best THF performance in the market Atotech will show technological aspects as well as difficulties to fill through holes of various dimensions and sizes that exist in the market. Ways are described how to minimise the inclusion rate. A new process is highlighted that fulfils the market requirements and an outlook on further R&D activity is given.
10/25 14:00-14:40 OKUNO CHEMICAL INDUSTRIES CO., LTD. Cost-reduction and environmental-friendly Ni/Au plating process for fine patterns on FPC Ni/Au plating processes for FPC have been released to the market from various chemical suppliers. We have developed the latest process to reduce running cost, improve operating conditions and be applicable for fine patterns.
10/25 15:00-15:40 ORBOTECH PACIFIC LTD. TAIWAN BRANCH Orbotech’s New AOI Solution – The Start of a New Era New AOI Solution for PCB Manufacturing: Advanced Performance and Multi-System Integration
The value of Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) in the PCB manufacturing production cycle is significant. Precision inspection and detection, yield enhancement, efficiency and the ability to directly control production processes are critical competitive capabilities for manufacturers. AOI solutions continue to innovate in advance of PCB manufacturers’ market-driven needs: high-volume production, advanced packaging, process-control integration and data sharing to name a few.
Orbotech is revolutionizing the AOI room workflow by integrating standalone units into one comprehensive solution. While increasing individual system performance metrics, a four-in-one solution provides more space on the factory floor, providing efficient AOI capabilities.
This presentation will focus on the Orbotech Ultra Dimension™, a unique, 4- systems-in-1 AOI solution. The discussion will highlight AOI industry firsts achieved with the Ultra Dimension™ solution and its process efficiencies and yield enhancement improvements.
10/26 11:00-11:40 Atotech Taiwan Ltd. PallaBond® PallaBond® is the novel final finishing solution. It is an environmentally friendly process suitable for high frequency and key press applications. Key advantages and highlights related solder and wire bonding reliability and performance will be presented and discussed.
10/26 14:00-14:40 SEKISUI CHMICAL(TAIWAN)CO.,LTD New Inkjet technologies for PCB We developed the new technology for Solder Mask. It can make new structure(Flatness, high aspect and so on.)
10/26 15:00-15:40 Dow Electronic Materials High Performance PPR Copper Plating for HAR Boards COPPER GLEAM™ PPR-II Acid Copper is specially designed for plating through hole in high aspect ratio boards, working with soluble & insoluble anodes and simple waveform in vertical application.
10/27 11:00-11:40 Atotech Taiwan Ltd. New electrolytic copper plating solution for panel package applications Atotech will show its latest development for Panel Level Packaging.Redistribution layers (RDL) for fine line features of sub 5 µm l/s and Tall Copper Pillar (>100 µm) are the target applications for Atotech’s combination of chemical process and equipment for panel size substrates.

Room B (k 1431)

Date Time Company Name Topic Description
10/25 11:00-11:40 Taiwan Union Technology Corporation New Advanced Laminate Materials for High Frequency and High Speed Applications The rapid development of 5G, the technology advancement in both high speed and high frequency areas has drawn great attention. The demand of the corresponding materials with ultra low loss is rapidly increasing. Advanced materials for high speed and high frequency applications are presented in this seminar, they are: ThunderClad 3+ and TU-933E . The properties, characterization, and application of these materials are included
in this presentation.
10/25 14:00-14:40 Rogers Taiwan Inc. RO4000® Materials Easy Fabrication RO4000® family products, typical applications, material components, general overview of PWB process and reliablility test.
10/25 15:00-15:40 Sil-More Industrial Ltd. Aerosol Jet of 3D printed technology for microelectronic structuret The Aerosol Jet system prints fine-feature electronic, structural and biological patterns on to almost any substrate such as 3D conformal sensors and antennas for aerospace, defense, consumer electronics, wearable’s and the lnternet of Things (loT).
10/26 11:00-11:40 Akrometrix, TELTEC Improvements in Decision Making Criteria for Thermal Warpage Presentation
10/26 14:00-14:40 ORBOTECH PACIFIC LTD. TAIWAN BRANCH Orbotech SLP/mSAP Solutions & Orbotech Smart Factory Electronic devices are becoming smaller and more sophisticated. PCB manufacturing processes are evolving to meet the demand for higher accuracy and lower resolutions, and advanced HDI has played a crucial role in this ongoing miniaturization of smartphones. Advanced HDI manufacturers use sophisticated processes and techniques, known as SLP (Substrate-like PCB) and mSAP (modified Semi Additive Process), to support the industry’s decreasing line/space requirements which they need to produce at lower costs and faster production speeds.
In the first part of the NPI seminar we will discuss today’s shift to SLP/mSAP, and Orbotech’s suite of solutions for those advanced processes:
• Direct Imaging (DI) solutions: Fine line resolution, high accuracy and advanced scaling.
• Automated Optical Inspection (AOI) solutions: Fine resolution, better detection, less false-alarms and higher productivity. In addition, Orbotech’s 2D metrology powerful option enables automated measurement of various features, with digitally stored statistics.
• Automated Optical Shaping (AOS) solutions: Fine resolution shaping of opens, shorts and nicks, using unique 3D shaping™ patented technology.
• In the second part of this seminar, we will discuss Industry 4.0 challenges to PCB fabs, especially in the production yield arena, and the solutions they will find with Orbotech Smart Factory for Industry 4.0. Orbotech Smart Factory connects to all Orbotech’ssolutions, enablingsmart data collection and information management. We will focus on advanced traceability features, and present an SLP/mSAP use case for Industry 4.0.
Attendees will achieve a better understanding of how to boost yields and throughput of SLP/mSAP as well as the critical role of production floor equipment in aggregating quality data for comprehensive analysis, which will ultimately enable the vision of the Smart Factory.”
10/26 15:00-15:40 JCU TAIWAN CORPORATION To achieve High Uniform of the NewFiling Plating Process Excellent film thickness uniformity and filling performance within high acid system.
10/27 14:00-14:40 Becker Pumps Taiwan Co. New generation of oil-free vacuum pump


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