PCB Occupational Safety Forum

In recent years, due to the frequent transmission of industrial safety and fire accident in PCB industry, in order to help manufacturers reducing occupational accidents and safety accident TPCA has launched mentoring program entitled “Industrial Safety among PCB Factories.” So far, there are more than 40 cooperation participated. Hoping the guidance results can effectively improve the industrial workplace safety awareness and reduce the occurrence of disasters, TPCA has organized “PCB Smart Manufacturing Forum” in order to create a platform for industries, academia, government officials, and research institutes to exchange innovative ideas and research results. Welcome experts and audience from all aspects of the industry to participate and join hands achieving a better and safer working environment in the industry.


  1. Interview of PCB Equipment Safety Standard
  2. Achievements of PCB Safety & firefighting Coaching


Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA)
Industrial Safety and Health Association (ISHA)
Taiwan Alliance for Sustainable Supply (TASS)


Occupational Safety and Health Administration(OSHA)

DateOctober 24 (Wed.)


【Venue】Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center 4F, Room 402




Schedule ContentSpeaker
13:30-13:40VIP RemarksOccupational Safety and Health Administration
13:40-13:50TPCA Equipment Safety ProgressTPCA Secretariat

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

14:20-15:00PCB Work and safety guidance中華民國工業安全衛生協會沈育民 顧問(前北區職業安全衛生中心科長)
ISHA, Taiwan
She, Yu-min Consultant
15:00-15:10Coffee Break
15:10-15:50Chemical Safety Management of Seal TestingTaiwan Alliance for Sustainable Supply
15:50-16:30Occupational safety & fire protection guidance results

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