PCB Shop lucky drew

PCB Shop PCB Shop is a procurement platform for circuit boards and related industrial-product displays founded by the Taiwan Printed Circuit Association. Many vendors have received a number of order inquiries through the PCB Shop, which shows that the PCB Shop has significant promotional effect on the hard and soft circuit board manufacturing process, electronic assembly, wisdom automation, surface mounts, semiconductor manufacturing and other related products.

A new paperback issue of the PCB Shop Buyer’s Guide is released every year during the TPCA Show. This guidebook is not only handed out at all kinds of PCB exhibitions globally, but also sent to all major circuit board executives and procurement units proactively by the association. With an annual circulation of 17,000, this PCB Buyer’s Guide has the world’s largest circulation and coverage areas, and it is also the only dual platform in the PCB industry, combining print media and online media.

3,000 copies of the newest 2018 Buyer’s Guide hung out in the three-day exhibition to let you know about the latest industry trends and review the PCB industry’s products. We are also setting up a PCB Shop exclusive booth, in addition to the brand story wall. There are also fun activities to promote the book’s topics and to inform people about the PCB Shop website so that everybody can make good use of it.

You are invited to visit the PCB Shop at www.pcbshop.org to experience the online version right away. Currently, supplier registration is free, and vendors are welcome to make use of the opportunity.