Registration, payment and booth allocation

What is the cut-off time for exhibition registration? How do I make sure my registration is completed successfully ?

The Organizer will continue to accept applications until all the booths are filled. Whoever registers after all the booths are filled will be put on the waiting list. As soon as it is confirmed that Exhibitors on the waiting list can be accommodated, the Organizer will immediately notify Exhibitors and request payment.

What is the deadline for booth rental fee? Is a pre-invoice available?

The deadline for all Exhibitors’ booth rental fees is April 30, 2017. Please pay the booth rental fee in full before this date. For pre-invoices, please contact the Organizer for details.
Contact:TPCA Kate (Tel: +886-3-3815659 #302, E-mail:Kate@tpca.org.tw)

Does the booth rental fee include standard booth configuration?

Booth rental fee is for “space rental only; it does not include any decoration or power supply.”

What is a booth allocation radix?

A booth allocation radix is a number that determines PCB Exhibitors’ order in selected booth location. It is the total number of booths that the Exhibitor had in the past three TPCA Show, from 2015 to 2017, and two Suzhou CTEX exhibitions in 2016 and 2017. When selecting booths, the Exhibitors who have the largest booth area chose first. If they have the same number of booths, the one with the bigger radix chooses first. Where the Exhibitors have the same radix, the booth will be decided by an on-site drawing. Please see Application Guide for booth allocation details.

What if I am not able to attend the booth allocation meeting?

The Exhibitors who are not able to attend the booth allocation meeting must fill out a form giving the Organizer booth allocation power of attorney ahead of time. The Organizer will select the booth on behalf of the Exhibitors in accordance with the expected sequence.
Make sure you fill in all possible booths on your order. If not enough booths are filled, leading to all booths being taken by preferred Exhibitors, the Organizer will operate as a waiver, and you will be allocated one of the remaining booths after the allocation meeting.
If there is a drawing, the Organizer will request a different group (different number of booth) Exhibitor on behalf of an Exhibit or drawing.

Fill out the forms

Which unit should I fax the Exhibitor manual form to? Can I fax them all to TPCA, and have you pass them for me?

Different Exhibitor manual forms need to be faxed to different targets in accordance with the purpose of the form. For example: all Exhibitors have to fax Form 1 to the Organizer; but Form 10 only needs to be fill out and returned depending on the needs of Exhibitors.
All Exhibitor manual forms have to be faxed to the designated window by the Exhibitors.

My company uses decorating service providers designated by the Organizer. Do I still need to fill out Form 1 and fax it back?

If your company uses decorating service providers designated by the Organizer, you still have to fill out Form 1 and Form 2.

Should we fax the decorating company form again, or mail it together with the security deposit check?

Exhibitors can request a decorating company to put them together and mail them to the Organizer.
When a decorating company mails out the deposit check, please be sure to include a return envelope.

My company uses a standard booth. Do I still need to return the power supply requirement?

Booth rental fees do not include electricity and decoration. Please make sure to fax Form 3: Application for water, air and electricity supply and Form 4:Layout diagram for water, air and electricity supply.

My company uses a van for move-in and move-out, not a big truck. Which form should I use?

To ensure the safety of Nangang Exhibition Hall’s structure, floor, personnel and facilities, for any vehicle exceeding 15 tons in weight(stated on the vehicle body or registration) or any tonnage of crane or forklift going in and out the exhibition, depending on actual needs, the borrower must submit an application in advance to the Nangang International Exhibition Center management team in accordance with regulations, and are only permitted to enter after the application is approved.

Booth decoration /water, electricity and air / item rental

What is the maximum height for booth decorations?

The limit for exhibition decoration structures is 4m.

Can we build a two-level booth? What are the costs?

Two-level booth structures are permitted. Please contact TPCA.

Can we place balloons?

Balloons can be placed. Please contact TPCA and submit an application and a fee.

Our booth needs water/electricity/air, how do we apply?

All Exhibitors must complete “Exhibitor Manual Forms3 and Form4” and submit them to Jin Sheng.

What are the specifications of water / electricity / air provided?

The Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center provides 110V/220V/380V/440V electricity
110V single line with maximum application limit of 22Kw
220V single line with maximum application limit of 250A
380V single line with maximum application limit of 250A
440V single line with maximum application limit of 75A
Water and drainage (pressure about 1Kg / cm2)
Compressed air for equipment (pressure approximately 8Kg/cm2,flow 37 m3/hr)

Do you provide secondary distribution?

Organizers only provides electricity from the main electric circuit box to the booth’s non-fuse breaker. Secondary distribution is not provided.
Secondary wiring has to be performed by the Exhibitors or by delegated certified engineers.

What is the Exhibitors’ VAT Refund mechanism?

Please see the website below.

Identification badge

Will you mail Exhibitor’s identification badges to us?

Exhibitor’s badges are available for pick up on Oct. 23-24 at Nangang Exhibition Area J Service Counter.

How many identification badges can an Exhibitor have? What if we don’t have enough?

Basically, each Exhibitor will receive 3 Exhibitor’s badges per booth.
Exhibitors who require more should apply by completing at Exhibitor’s service counter located in Area J during the Oct. 23-24 move-in period.

Can you prepare XX VIP identification badges?

Organizers provide VIP badges for Exhibitors to send for their VIPs’ use. Exhibitors are welcome to apply on line.

What do identification badges look like?

Please see Exhibitor information and download the attachment for reference.

New Product Introduction

Where is the New Product Introduction being held? How long is a session?

New Product Introduction is located at area I and K .
Each session is 40 minutes.

What facilities will be provided within the site?

There are about 30-40 spaces at the New Product Introduction venue, all equipped with hardware facilities such as projectors and curtain, audio, projection pens, and more.

I am not an Exhibitor. Can I apply for the New Product Introduction?

Only Exhibitors can apply for New Product Introductions (with a fee). They are not available for non-Exhibitors.

Meeting Space

What kind of meeting spaces do Organizers provide on site for Exhibitor to use?

Organizer provide one or two temporary meeting rooms in the exhibition hall for Exhibitors to use; also one meeting rooms for Exhibitors to use free of charge.
The time limit for meeting rooms is 1 hour each time ; Exhibitors are welcome to contact Organizer regarding application and use.

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