20th Anniversary of TPCA

Inherit the past and unveil the imminent
Succeed the bygone and open up the future

Mr. Wu, Jian (Chairman of Compeq Manufacturing Co. Ltd), the founding chairman of Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA), set up the association in 1998 with a group of enthusiastic individuals. I am fortunate to be re-elected for two consecutive sessions to do my share part for the development of Taiwan’s PCB industry. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of TPCA this year (2018), I feel most thankful witnessing the selfless dedication by previous chairmen as they spare no effort to promote the sustainable development of Taiwan’s PCB industry.

In retrospection of the foot-prints jointly treaded by the industry and association in the past 20 years, we have gone through several challenges as global economic fluctuations, industry relocation, technological advancement, cross-strait competition, and international competition. Due to the fact that the PCB industry of Taiwan has the advantages of complete industrial chain and as well as cross-strait layout, it has, during this period of time, thus become the world’s largest PCB manufacturing industry and the third largest crucial component industry in Taiwan, setting down the leading position of Taiwan’s PCB industry. In view of future development with the industry, the association has, respectively, released two-phase white-paper of Taiwan circuit board industry in 2014 and 2017 in order to build up the long-term competitiveness of PCB industry of Taiwan. It is hoped that consensus can be formulated through systematic industrial strategy and planning. After efforts for more than three years to realize such target, PCB industry has already received attention and support from the government and community, achieving results with multi-development resources from the industry, government, and research institutes.

In line with the pragmatic spirit of the association striving step by step, the association has passed ISO9001 certification in 2013, and has grown from 213 members of manufacturers in the early days to that of 630 today. Besides, the reach of service has have been expanded home and abroad, adhering to the charity spirit working on public affairs as we gain from the society and feedback to it. In 2015, the “The Circuit Board Foundation of Environmental Charity” was established with the consent of the 8th board of directors and supervisors, and the foundation is committed to objectives as environmentally friendliness, paying social concern, green sustainable development, and fulfilling corporate social responsibility. As such, these objectives should, as a whole, enhance the industry’s green competitiveness, achieving the symbiosis and co-prosperity of environment, enterprises and society for eternity.

In view of the future, the association and the industry will stand in solidarity and work together so as to head for continuous growth in pursuit of further advancement and prosperity as we join hands and hands to collectively create the next epoch for the industry and TPCA.

GM, Career Technology (MFG.) Co., Ltd

Rick Wu 

Chairman, TPCA (8th, 9th)