TPCA Show Golf Tournament 2019

Every year, TPCA holds a  Friendship Golf Tournament for members and exhibitors to inherit the good traditional practice.

The participation in the golf tournament is meant to meditate the soul and spirit, regulate the body and mind, strive for growth, and get to know the work partners and good friends in various fields.

Golf is a sports game that competes with oneself. Every swing is a challenge. You need to think in many ways to break through your limits and have good results!

This year’s Exhibition Cup is scheduled to be held on October 22, 2019 at Sunrise Golf and Country Club. We believe that this year’s competition will be as exciting as ever. Good friends from the PCB industry are invited to participate in this event.

【Date】October 22 (TUE)
【Time】 7:00 kick-off
【Venue】Sunrise Golf and Country Club
【Window】Ms. Chiu