2019 PCB Industry Summit

Focus on the major global trends and grab PCB market opportunities

Due to the trade war between the United States and China, or Japan and Korea, a Gray Rhino is approaching which has significant impact on the tactical planning of major global players and the supply chain movement. With the application and development of new technologies, such as the 5G, AI, and circular economy, reinvent the forefront of the PCB industry, how the PCB industry will respond to the changing external situations and grab opportunities in this era?

TPCA worked with the Electronic and Optoelectronic System Research Laboratories, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) to hold a PCB Industry Summit where multi-disciplinary leaders were invited to discuss the global co-opetition situation, the re-combination of the supply chain, cutting-edge technology trends, and outlook of the circular economy. In the Summit, TPCA Chairman, Lee shared his view with the representatives from various fields and extensively discussed with them in the hope to spark off invention and give a new direction for the PCB industry through this dialogue platform.

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【Date/Time】14:00-16:00 , Oct 23rd (Wed.) 2019
【Venue】R401, 4F Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1
【Language】Chinese(Synchronous translation)

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14:00-14:05OpeningDistinguished Guest’s Remark
14:05-14:25Circular Economy Strategy for Taiwan PCB IndustryDr.Shiuh-Kao Chiang
14:25-14:40PCB Circular EconomyMaurice Lee Chairman /TPCA
14:40-14:55PCB Development Trend and OutlookCharles Shen Chairman /ZDT

2019 Global CEO Outlook and The

development of intelligent

Abel Liu VP /KPMG

PCB to Meet Next Gen Data Center


Sun Lai Chang VP/Wiwynn
15:30-16:00Panel discussionHost :
Ruby Lee Chair/ TPCA Market
Information Committee
with above speakers

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