Service your future: Intelligent Automation of Guided-tour towards Exhibitors for TPCA Show

    Spurred by the 5G trend in 2019, the PCB industry is facing brand new opportunities and challenges.

    For this tour, we have specially invited LIN, CHI-MING, the special assistant to the chairman of Zhen Ding Technology — the world’s largest PCB manufacturing plant, to guide visitors around booths of the industry’s exhibitors so that they can better appreciate the development approach of smart and intelligent automation during the TPCA Show. With an expert explanation, visitors will concisely and succinctly learn about the core of wisdom among exhibits, and this tour will help speed up visitors’ understanding of related information. As such, the show should jointly promote the intellectual transformation of the overall PCB industry and welcome the new era of comprehensive intelligent manufacturing!

【Expert guided-tour】LIN, CHI-MING (convener of TPCA Intelligent Automatic Committee/special assistant to the chairman of the board of Zhen Ding Technology)

【Session A】13: 30 to 15:30, 24th October (Thursday) — the “Guided Tour on Equipment”

【Session B】13: 30 to 15:30, 25th October (Friday) — the “Guided Tour on Materials and Chemicals”

【Exhibitors scheduled to conduct the guided-tour】please refer to the following information

(Exhibitors are still under invitation, and the guided-tour programs shall be based on the final version.)

(Every session shall be limited to 30 participants, who must be registered.)