Description of the sponsorship method

1. After completing the exhibition sponsorship application form and submitting it to the organizer, the organizer will open an invoice for the payment. After the sponsor has made the payment, the sponsor will notify the organizer to confirm the payment, and the formal application process will be completed. The catalogue of sponsorship applications applied by the manufacturer is prioritized, and the time when the organizer receives the application form is based on the time.

2. Exclusive project, if there are more than two manufacturers applying at the same time, the bidding system will be adopted. The bidding method shall be subject to the announcement of the organizer, and the bidding shall be subject to the actual bidding result.

3. The number of vendors collected by the sponsored event project is based on the principle listed in the table; if the number of applicants for the sponsorship project exceeds the original plan, the organizer can weigh the sponsorship status of each manufacturer to determine the sponsor.

4. If a manufacturer applies for too many sponsorship projects, the organizer can distribute it in a coordinated manner.

5. The final draft of all sponsored projects will be reviewed by the organizer.

6. If the sponsorship time is delayed due to force majeure factors, the original publication price will not be lowered.

7. If there are other projects that the organizer has not informed, the exhibitors are interested in supporting and sponsoring the event. Please inform the organizer and submit it to the exhibition committee for consideration.

8. For details, please refer to the attached TPCA Show 2018 MARKETING PROGRAMS.

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