Technology Symposium and Research and Development Announcement of the Alliance of Micro- and Nano-Metallization Technology

  National Chung Hsing University (NCHU) and Taiwan Printed Circuit Association (TPCA) will jointly hold “Technology Symposium and Research and Development Announcement of the Micro- and Nano-Metallization Process Technology Alliance”. Dr. Wei-Ping Dow, the Tenured Distinguished Professor of NCHU, will host the symposium.

  In this symposium, the research team of Dr. Dow will publish their latest technologies, and the alliance will invite international companies, to give lectures in order to support and enhance technology competitiveness and process capability of the related electronic industry.

  Excellent speakers and abundant lecture content will be expected, such that the symposium will certainly be brilliant!

【Date】Oct 25(Fri),2019 
【Venue】Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center 401 Room

【Connect】Alice (T)04-22840510#905 (E)


09:30~09:40Welcoming RemarksNCHU
Dr. Wei-Ping Dow  Distinguished Professor
09:40~10:20Overview of High Aspect Ratio Cu Filling ProcessITRI
(40min)Mr. Daniel Chang
10:20~10:25Short Break
10:25~11:05A Chronicle of the Surface Activated BondingMeisei University
(40min)and its Future Outlook(* English)Collaborative Research Center
  Dr. Tadatomo Suga
11:05~11:10Short Break
11:10~11:50Materials and Interconnects Design for High-frequency Applications of 5th Generation Mobile CommunicationsYuan Ze University
(40min)Department of Chemical Engineering& Materials Science
 Prof. Cheng-En Ho
11:50~12:50Lunch Break(60min)
12:50~13:30The enhanced copper foil design for high-speed applications in 2020 and beyondCo-Tech Development Corporation
(40min)Mr. Johnny Sung
 R&D director
13:30~13:35Short Break
13:35~14:05Soft Probes for Bio-electrical ImagingNational Chiao Tung University
(40min)Institute of Biomedical Engineering
 Prof. Tzu-En Lin
14:05~14:10Short Break
14:10~14:50Next Generation Metallization processSchlÖotter
(40min)for 5G PCB*(* English)Chemistry. R&D
  Head of Division, Plating on Plastics
  Dr. Stefan Henne
14:50~15:20Coffee break
15:20~16:00(1) Complexed Cu ion as catalyst for electroless depositionNCHU
(40min)(2) Electroplated Cu with ultra large grain and the Cu/Sn joints technology thereofDr. Wei-Ping Dow
 (3) PI metallizationDistinguished Professor
 (4) 3D single crystal Cu foil plating technology for heat dissipation and lithium ion battery