TPCA Environment Foundation

Topic Area of Creative Green Ideas

Since its very establishment, TPCA Environment Foundation (TPCF) has been in existence for more than three years, and its objectives are to create an industrial green image so as to eliminate doubts that the general public considers that circuit boards are of a polluting industry, to promote green sustainable development, and to work to fulfill social responsibilities.

In 2018, the first “Green Ideas Maker Selection Campaign” was held to encourage university students to use their ideas and to create green ideas for friendly environment based on environmental sustainability and circular economy as they help the industry to nurture future green talents.

By the end deadline for works, a total of 93 green ideas were received, and students from 38 college and university have enrolled islandwide, affecting 180 students.After the stage of preliminary primary selection, 15 works are selected to enter the final. It is scheduled that the final will be held in 26th September (Wednesday), and top three finalists and other best works will be selected by representatives from the manufacturing, government, and academic world. These selected works will be exhibited at the special area during TPCA Show. In addition to offering a chance for participating students to publish their works, we have also utilized the exhibition so companies that are interested can invest themselves in CSR. Namelist of works with the 15 finalists (the list is arranged according to strokes of the student’s name, not ranking of the final)

Plantation for you – Recruiting green visitors — challenge of one tree for person

Green visitors who walk, ride Ubike, or take public transportation to the event area and present green visitor ID can join the recruitment of one tree for one person challenge. TPCF will adopt a Taiwan native seedling for you, while the top 2,000 individuals can participate in the lottery drawing event!

As indicated by the information of the Green Trade Project Office (GRPO) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs MOEA) and Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI), the exhibition will base on ” personnel transportation” as the primary item of carbon emission and it will have accounted for more than 90%. In the face of the global climate change crisis, the 21st UN Climate Change Conference (COP21) in 2015 had put forth the Paris Agreement. As viewed, reduction of carbon emission has already a goal that global countries are actively investing in, whereas green exhibitions are further considered a mission of the stage that international conferences and exhibitions must accomplish. TPCA Show has, since 2010, promoted the concept of green exhibitions as it introduces by setting up innovation and getting rid of the obsolete as it writes down the history of Taiwan’s green exhibitions step by step. For now, TPCA Show has already become the benchmark of international green exhibitions in Taiwan.

In 2018, it coincides with the 20th anniversary of the founding of the Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA), and thus the TPCA Environment al Public Foundation is to implement the adoption afforestation plan. It is expected to work with Wulai Workstation, Daxi Workstation, and Zhudong Workstation under the jurisdiction of Hsinchu Forest District Office of Forest Bureau to plant indigenous tree seedlings at state-owned land along the ruined and infertile hillsides of northern Taiwan as they are most suitable of plantation at such local land of native climate. The foundation should like to furnish the goal of green exhibitions with actions of tree plantation, and make a contribution the land and environment of Taiwan.




Yabit Chen