More Than a 10% Increase in Revenue in Q3

Taiwan PCB Techvest Co., Ltd. Enjoyed More Than a 10% Increase in Revenue in Q3; TGT Techvest Co., Ltd. Showed Profits in the First Half of 2017.

Taiwan PCB Techvest Co., Ltd. (TPT) boasted a revenue of NT$5.547 billion in the second quarter, showing a quarterly growth of 8.4%. In the third quarter, which is the traditional boom season, revenue is expected to increase by 10% as the pull-in of TV boards peaks and NB boards are stocked. TGT Techvest Co., Ltd. (TGT), TPT’s subsidiary specializing in automotive boards, is currently producing at full capacity and has turned a profit in the first half of 2017.

Regarding photoelectric boards, TPT’s clients include Samsung, AUO, BOE, SONY, Sharp, and CEC Panda. Although the growth of the overall TV market has slowed down, the growth rates in emerging countries, such as those in Latin American and Eastern Europe, are still high. Furthermore, panel clients are currently enjoying stable profits. For TPT, the demand for photoelectric boards is stable.

With regard to NB boards, TPT’s clients include Dell, Wistron, and Compal Electronics, INC. Although the PC market in the second quarter cooled down, clients often return to the stocking state in the third quarter. With Dell’s increasing contribution, performance is expected to improve in the third quarter.

TGT, of which TPT holds 60% of shares, specializes in automotive boards, particularly for Japanese automobiles but also for American automobiles, and industrial machines, with a focus on PCBs used in automotive A/V monitors. TGT has continuously adjusted its production line and has currently been producing at full capacity and turned a profit in the first half of 2017 (Source: MoneyDJ-Focus News).

Source: PCB Shop
Last Updated: 2017/08/29

TPCA Show 2017 is coming…

TPCA Show has been over 18 years since 2000.In 2017, There are more than 1,400 booths, 400 global brands, and over 12 countries join TPCA Show this year.

With the iPhone 7 and 8 chip requires, MSAP (Modified Semi Additive Process) process application has become the focus of in PCB industrial. Taiwan has the best PCB technology and processing products, We believe that MSAP Process in “ANYLAYER” in HDI, will be the focus in the show.

October 25 to 27 is approaching, We invite all friends to be Taiwan and join our show at Taipei Nangang Exhibition Hall.


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