PCB Smart Manufacturing Forum-PCBECI Internet of Machines Applications lead to the smart manufacturing path

In 2014, TPCA published the Taiwanese PCB association White Paper and in 2016 announced the Industry Smart Manufacturing Roadmap to introduce the smart manufacturing-related working items step-by-step, which contributes to the establishment of three major smart manufacturing alliances, i.e., PCB A-Team, Advance Flexible PCB Smart Manufacturing Alliance, PCBECI Connected Equipment Demonstration Team. At this time, the TPCA Show will share their results, and take the solutions as examples to improve the overall hard power and soft power of the PCB industry by exchanging practices with each other to promote the industrial smart manufacturing development.

By complying with the mature semiconductor equipment communication standards, the Taiwanese PCB industry takes the lead among the global peers and utilizes PCBECI as the global PCB industry smart manufacturing standards, to effectively solve the problem of diverse equipment communication standards because there are several combinations of PCB manufacturing process equipment. This problem has bugged the industry for many years. With support of the Industrial Development Bureau, TPCA urged the PCBECI Demonstration Team to cooperate with Taiwanese equipment manufacturers and system integrators for the first time. The goal is to help 20 PCB manufacturers to perform the upgrade of the network connection and visualization for 100 pieces of equipment. In the Forum, not only did the Team share their plan progress, but also the Qiao husan Precision under guidance was invited to talk about the good and bad things of speed dating during the plan. In addition, the iconic high-tech company, Macronix, was invited to share its experience of AI applications to semiconductors, and the 2019 “Taiwanese PCB Industry Smart Manufacturing Roadmap” developed by the Institute for Information Industry, Taiwan Institute of Economic Research, and TPCA was announced. The roadmap and experience of the benchmark enterprises will help the industry continuously move toward the “Smart Manufacturing” path practically.

In the TPCA Show 2019, PCBECI Demo Team will announce 「Smart IoT Integration Platform」and
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*Weltall Booth No.I-022
*C SUN Booth No.K-1123
*Tongtai No.J-1115
*GRO-UP Booth No.J-413

SupervisorIndustrial Development Bureau, MOEA(IDB)

OrganizerTPCA、PCBECI Alliance
Date/Time09:30-12:00, Thursday, October 24th, 2019.
VenueR402AB, 4F Taipei Nangang Exhibition Center, Hall 1

ConnectTPCA Matthew   (T) 03-3815659 #403  (E) matthew@tpca.org.tw


09:35-09:45PCBECI IntroductionMatthew Chang Project Manager/TPCA
09:45-10:25AI in Semiconductor IndustryKevin Tu, Senior Director /Macronix International
10:25-10:45PCB Smart Manufacturing RoadmapMika Hsieh Supervisor /Institute for Information Industry
10:45-11:00Coffee Break 
11:00-12:00AI Introduction and PCBECI Alliance Outcomes PresentationTerry Fang Manager /Woya

* Organizers reserve the right to modify and/or change the agend.