The phased achievement of the PCBECI equipment networking demonstration team will be on exhibit at the TPCA Show 2019!

[Welcome to the team booth to watch and exchange ideas!]

The smart manufacturing trend is raging like a storm. In response to the competition of electronic products for the next generation, the PCB industry is actively engaged in applying a smart manufacturing layout. Supported by the Ministry of Economic Affairs, the PCB industry has teamed up with the Taiwan Circuit Board Association (TPCA) to promote the PCBECI (Printed Circuit Board Equipment Communication Interface) equipment networking demonstration team since 2018.

In this TPCA Show 2019, the team will be led by Weltall Technology Corp., C SUN Mfg. Ltd, Tongtai Machine & Tool Co., Ltd, Group Up Industrial Co., Ltd, AMPOC Far-East Co., Ltd, and other representative companies to carry out system integration with PCB equipment manufacturers. The purpose of this project is to upgrade the standard industry communication format with PCBECI to boost network connectivity for 20 PCB factories and 100 equipment manufacturers, as well as assist PCB factories in developing and producing a visualization platform. The ultimate goal is to achieve data integration, real-time information visualization, and equipment intelligence pre-diagnosis.

This TPCA Show will showcase the phased achievement of the PCBECI equipment networking demonstration team. Through the demonstration team’s promotion and successful case sharing, the PCB industry will hopefully be able to replicate and spread new technology to achieve synergy and enhance the industry’s overall competitiveness!

During the TPCA Show, 10/24 09:30-12:00 at the Nanhai Exhibition Hall 402AB conference room, “PCB Smart Manufacturing Forum – PCBECI Internet of Machines Applications lead to the smart manufacturing path” will be explained the phased results, and welcome to visit the show booth of PCBECI demonstration team!!  Booth information is as follows : 

*Weltall Booth No.I-022

*C SUN Booth No.K-1123

*Tongtai No.J-1115

*GRO-UP Booth No.J-413

Data display sharing, more information welcome to the TPCA Show 2019 !