TPCA Show 2018 

【Attention】Please be aware of fraud conducted by foreign exhibition companies

Recently, we received responses from our members, stating that there are companies conducting frauds inquiring demands for information upgrade or advertising. After receiving the manufacturer’s consent form, those companies would send debit notes in order to receive money. If ignored their demands, they would constantly harass you with phone calls and emails, and would even threaten to sue you. Their acts are truly disturbing.

Please be aware of these companies listed below:

  1. Event Fair
  2. Expo Guide
  4. Construct Data Verlag
  5. International Fairs Directory

If members receive emails or calls from the companies stated above, asking for needs of participating in exhibitions or advertising services, please do not return consent or registration forms to avoid following legal dispute.

Attached fraud letter provided by member

TAITRA[慎防國外展覽公司詐騙行為] announcement, please click the link below:¤tRow=3

Thank you for participating in the TPCA Show 2018

Thanks to your support and participation, the TPCA Show 2018 has come to an end.

This year’s exhibition scale continues to grow.

Attracted 412 exhibitors and brands to participate,

1,419 booths were exhibited,

Attracting 30,378 professionals to visit,

The scale of the exhibition has reached a new high.